SGCC M Machine


A six inspection station carousel machine for round and non round containers. It can continuously inspect all types of containers at high speeds. It also has mould number reading ability.

Faults Detected

Tightness (90mm bore depth), External finish diameter, Internal finish diameter, Thread finish, Blisters, Tears, Laps, Dips, Saddles, Height, Finish parallelism, Non contact wall thickness (optional), Contact wall thickness (optional), Ovalisation (optional)

Container range

Diameter from 20 to 120mm
Height up to 340mm


Up to 300bpm (depending on the modules installed and the characteristics of the container.

Voltages and frequencies

220, 380, 440V
50 - 60 Hz

Compressed air

3 to 6 bar (40 to 90 psi) depending on the weight of the container)

Computer link (process)

RS 232




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